CCBill Affliate Program

- You get paid directly by CCBill

 - CCBill third party stats for all you sales and rebills

 - Checks and wires sent out weekly

 - Get paid on time and every time!

This page is for CCBill Referral Affiliates who wants to use CCBILL interface

Our webmaster program is run through CCBILL interface for Affiliates.  Its a 50/50 program, which means you earn 50% of all initial signups and 50% of all rebills for as long as a customer is a member! All affiliate traffic is filter through a clean "No Popup" environment, so your traffic is not sent anywhere else but where it is suppose to go to...

Select site below to signup! If you want to promote all our sites, you need to add every site separately to your existing account at CCBill.  If you have`t CCBill Affiliate account you need to create a new one and then to load your data for a next site.

Below is the URL you will send traffic to. Replace the "XXXXXX" with the account number CCBILL provides you when you signed up. Please note: You should use exactly that number which is produced to you for a same site.
Use this linking code on any banner, graphic, or text link you wish.


Replace the "XXXXXX" with the account number CCBILL provides you when
you signed up for 'Effie Balconi Online FanClub' Affiliate account.

Questions About CCBill Affiliate Programs,

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